Simon Walsh

Studying Graphic Design at Salford University.


As a result of research into the essay I have decided to start collecting found text. I’m trying to avoid existing newspapers and magazines, although I’ve made a collage using found text from the headlines from a copy of the Observer-experimenting with negative space.

I think by going back to pre-digital printed material I can find some real gems. Album cover art is particularly good. I’m applying rules to my collection-firstly that I cant use the internet to source material, I have to actually find it, this seems important and will force me to get out there to find interesting text and imagery I can use to make collages out of, mixing it up with digital techniques(this fits into my own need to get more adept at digital media like photoshop).

I expect to find myself trawling car boot sales, junk shops, charity bookshops and possibly rubbish dumps…my glamorous life….

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