Simon Walsh

Studying Graphic Design at Salford University.

Mary Martin 1907-1969 ‘Cross’

This is a previous winner (1969) of the John Moore’s Painting Prize. Quite clearly this isn’t a painting but made up of many squares of mirrors all laid out to reflect inner and outer surfaces. It resembles a cubist paining and also questions our ideas about painting and what actually constitutes painting. What I love the most about this (and yes Art does engage me on an emotional level-though don’t expect me to start blubbing about it) is its kinetic nature, the surface constantly shifts and changes depending on what’s in front of it.

This was from a visit to the Walker Art Gallery and its exhibition of previous winners of the John Moore’s Painting Prize, a good exhibition that showed the real diversity in contemporary painting, not all of it good, but certainly a must see. Sadly no longer showing (I don’t think) as it’s made way for this year’s exhibition of the 2012 John Moore’s Painting Prize, also a mixed bag in terms of content but also well worth a visit.

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